Sorting out the key relationship issues

There’s nothing more key, perhaps, to your relationship than whether or not it flourishes.

Yet this can be one of most challenging and difficult areas in any interaction between a couple, because so many of the factors that make a relationship succeed or fail are unconscious, out of awareness, not known, and therefore can impact in an unexpected way at the least provocation.

These unconscious factors that can interfere with a successful relationship are what Carl Jung called in “shadow” — shadow being the unconscious part of ourselves that we have hidden, repressed or denied, and which still impacts on our behaviour and feelings — particularly in relationships.

Now this may seem quite bizarre and possibly unreal to you — the idea that hidden parts of yourself can impact on your relationship; but think of how many times you’ve suddenly exploded into anger, or fear, or guilt or some other powerful emotion just because your partner said something that produced an unexpected response in you.

This is a perfect example of how powerful emotions in the unconscious can affect current behaviour, and is probably no exaggeration to say that these shadow emotions are mostly responsible for the breakup of boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, and partners of all other kinds.

The tragedy is of course that these things are in the unconscious and therefore we very rarely get to see them, and even more rarely do we have a chance to work on them.

You could therefore say that one good thing that can come out of a relationship breakup is the fact that it gives you insight into your deeper emotional issues, and perhaps also a chance to heal them.

It’s an unexpected perspective — regarding a breakup with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend as a good thing, and perhaps something even quite therapeutic, but it’s a very positive way of looking at the situation, and one which can reframe what seems like an emotional disaster — and perhaps even the “end of your meaningful life” — into something more positive and constructive.

After all, you can take the emotional healing comes from repairing a relationship breakup into the future, and use it to establish a better and perhaps more constructive way of life, either with the same partner or with a different one, depending on whether or not you choose to find reconciliation or move on.

And here we are, right at the heart of the matter — how exactly do you reconcile with your ex-boyfriend, or get back together with your ex-girlfriend, particularly if the breakup has been a bitter one?

There’s No Simple Answer to This Question Of Course, But One Good Way Is to Use the Help of an Internet Program like Text Your Ex Back

You see, Text Your Ex Back is a program written by Mike Fiore specifically designed for men and women who have ended a relationship with their partner, or who have been “dumped by their partner”. He says, whether you are the dumper or the dumpee, It’s possible to get back together with your partner by using a few simple psychological strategies. You can read all about this at – where the program is described in details.

Now of course, text your ex back is all about getting back together with a person who you really think you should never have broken up with — it’s not about getting back together with somebody because your ego tells you that that’s going to make you feel better!

No, it’s about getting back together with someone because you genuinely believe that there is the possibility of establishing a new relationship that’s far better than the old one.

Now one of the things that can make this a lot easier for you is maintaining an emotional distance for a period of time before you actually start asking questions of your partner — that is to say, questions about their willingness to re-establish a relationship with you.

Is this what you want? A relationship make-up, not a break-up?



When you do ask these questions, the rather surprising thing, perhaps, is that you going to ask these questions by means of an e-mail or SMS message. You may wonder why text messaging is a good way to re-establish a relationship, or at least to try and re-establish a relationship, because we’re mostly brought up to think that the only answer to emotional difficulties or emotional conflict is to sit down and talk about the matter in hand.

Well the answer that seems to be a simple one: when you’re in an emotive situations such as the aftermath of the relationship breakup, it’s far easier to establish good communication in a neutral medium.

Video – Text Your Ex Back

And there’s hardly anything more neutral than SMS messages — which can convey just exactly whatever you want them to convey; that could be information about emotional feelings, or it could be a statement of your simple, straightforward desire to re-establish contact, or it could be questions about how your partner, or more accurately, soon to be ex-ex-partner, is doing.

Whatever you use the medium for, you’ll enter find that if you follow Mike Fiore’s instructions, is remarkably effective and powerful way of introducing your partner to the idea of reconciliation.

The great advantage of this program is that it provides you with detailed instructions about what to say, how to say it, and when to say it, using text messages alone.

In a short paragraph like this it’s rather difficult to explain the complexities of such a program, so my suggestion would be that you actually go and have a look at my review of the program and see if you think it might help you re-establish a good and useful relationship with your ex-partner.


The Venus Factor – A Rapid And Effective Diet!

Rules to Consider While Losing Weight Quickly

As we’ve previously investigated, losing weight quickly takes quite a lot out of a person. They will become attractive, successful, and confident. Many folks might maintain these attributes, however the reality is that planning for an experience – well, a process, really – as powerful as losing weight quickly might ultimately strip confidence and determination away from you. These are a few tips you could follow that will help your inner self nurture these attributes.

Guidelines for losing weight fast! (video)

Ensuring you are ready for the process of losing weight quickly takes a little preparation. A lot of these standards will be whizzing in and out of your mind during this period of time. Since you will likely be working for around twelve weeks on training, you should have ample time to really think hard and decide which of these rule sis right for you!

Just stick to a personalized diet plan. This is especially practical as you are enjoying good healthy food, because it will ensure that there is no temptation to eat too much. This is not the only benefit that reflecting this rule would bring. Also feeling fit and alert and slimming down easily would be additional benefits which also bring the most noticeable outcome.

Also get professional advice. This is surely an ideal rule to execute as you are writing an exercise plan. It would protect themselves from injury. If you identify yourself as successful, then it may be simple for you to follow these tips in your life.

You must unfailingly watch the calorie content of food. This may challenge you to become much more determined as you train (fatty food makes it harder to lose weight!), and this is definitely worth it – as is establishing a balanced diet.

And please use reliable data about calories in food. Good data makes sure that all your dietary needs are met, and will help you unpleasant and unhealthy fatty food.

The Venus factor can help with fat like this

Not much chance of a successful diet here!

Ultimately, it takes a confident individual to realize the end goal of losing weight quickly. It is feasible to diet to look great regardless, however you will still have to be attractive. Also consider, we are definitely not training for eating the right food and right amounts. Losing weight quickly not only needs a characteristic nature that is successful, but also one which is totally dedicated to the goal.

The moment you are entirely serious, you can do anything! Think back to these questions:

Do you want to look good and feel great?

Would you like to feel confident and attractive?

Is it important for you to be fit and healthy?

To all of these questions, you replied yes. This is perfect because we had to see if you were successful, attractive and confident. It is those characteristics that will guide you into your success when you ultimately lose weight quickly. So, remember to enjoy good healthy food, write an exercise plan, and also watch the calorie content of food. Follow the above suggestions and you would be a attractive in no time!

Exercise helps you to lose weight fast

Like exercise? A great way to lose weight fast!

The Easiest Way To Lose Weight Quickly – the Venus Factor

Though there could be hundreds of books available strictly about losing weight quickly, there’s one particular message they all relay: the planning period is definitely vital. A realistic period of time to diet to look great would be approximately twelve weeks. Briefing for this long certainly gives you the essential energy to lose weight quickly.

Before the planning process commences, there are things that you have to do. We’ll go over some straightforward suggestions that will ease you into the proper mindset for this major undertaking, thus encouraging you to be where you have to be to actually lose weight quickly. One of these things you have to do once you begin training is to exercise. Furthermore, eating well and training both chip in to get your lifestyle equipped for losing weight quickly.

Then for the twelve weeks that you allot to prepare for losing weight quickly, focus on enjoying good healthy food, writing an exercise plan and watching the calorie content of food. The biggest error that most will make when attempting to lose weight quickly is neglecting planning. Now that you are aware, be sure to allot twelve weeks of planning prior to losing weight quickly.

Be sure to circumvent ignoring this half of the process. This way you would prevent having to do things the problematic way. Decide to make preparations the painless way so you experience all the following benefits: losing fat from around the waist, feeling fit and alert, slimming down easily. Furthermore, you would benefit in additional ways like being clear about how to lose weight, knowing what training regime to follow and also enjoying the benefits of regular exercise.

Will The Venus Factor Help You Lose Weight?

If you would invest in dieting to look great, then you will discover that it is certainly easier than you may anticipate. The correct planning trains you to become totally ready. This results in slimming down easily, enjoying the benefits of regular exercise and watching the pounds fall off. These benefits better position you to actually lose weight quickly. That being said, don’t just scurry through all the preparations because all these benefits are equivalently vital.

Sometimes, when watching people who actually lose weight quickly, it can be easy to assume that they possess phenomenal energy or know some secret trick which permits them to become a attractive. However, there’s no secret. Losing weight quickly solely takes an individual who’s attractive, successful and confident. By making the time to ensure that your efforts are working in your favor, you will be ready to lose weight quickly at a fast pace.

It might sound like a long time to invest, however twelve weeks tends to fly by. It would be typical to think this way, especially when preparing for an experience as great as losing weight quickly. Assuming you make certain to invest the proper effort, you would be losing weight quickly in no time. Losing weight quickly would be problematic. However, through preparing the ideal way, you would be sure to conquer it!

Losing Weight Quickly For Free

Sometimes, folks assume it is costly to lose weight quickly. It is actually the opposite. You might ultimately diet to look great for close to nothing. When you are trying to diet to look great, the essential thing to do would be to begin with a clear mind. In other words, strip from your mind any preconceived notions of what planning for losing weight quickly is supposed to be like.

Instead, focus your time on the fundamentals. Also consider, enjoying good healthy food, writing an exercise plan, and watching the calorie content of food can be integral ways to get equipped for losing weight quickly without necessarily having to go into debt. Buy into a professionally written program like the Venus Factor

Putting in too much money will not make you lose weight quickly any better. So, don’t go hunting for shops to waste your paycheck when you diet to look great. Ensure that you have the support of like-minded individuals There are generally free or inexpensive options that accomplish what you are attempting to do.

Take advantage of the support of experts like John Barban Once again, there are a myriad of free options to attain the final goals to steer you through losing weight quickly. Before these options were available, folks had been losing weight quickly without all the bells and whistles which come with these more costly options.

The obvious thing that you could do is to unfailingly be determined on your specific goals. Furthermore, writing an exercise plan, watching the calorie content of food and enjoying good healthy food are some of the ideal things that you could be focused on. By constantly looking at decisions through the lens of your specific goals, you should recognize which costs may be luxuries that you don’t really need.

Enjoying good healthy food does not necessitate a good deal of money. The objective would be to lose fat from around the waist, and it could be accomplished with no spending because it does not have to be costly. Actually, it naturally requires much more to not write an exercise plan. The reason you must hone in on writing an exercise plan would be so you can be clear about how to lose weight. Again, it does not necessitate a good deal of spending to attain.

Watching the calorie content of food would be a different thing that your mind needs to be really focused on because it is really essential for anyone who expects to lose weight quickly. Though there may be high-priced options that sound beneficial, you could naturally watch the calorie content of food without necessarily having to pay for it.

Regardless, you must generally decide where you’d spend your cash through thinking of your essential objective of losing weight quickly. Your feelings would play a great role in regards to your money. You might be hunting for an effortless strategy to lose weight quickly. By recognizing this, you could make a good deal of progress toward your objective.