Men: How To Relate To Women Through Your Inner Masculine Power!

Imagine dating with confidence, with self-assurance, standing in your true male power, with absolute certainty of your masculine self-esteem. Think what it would be like if you knew that no matter what a woman said or did, you'd remain firmly grounded in your masculinity?

And if you could always feel this way, what would it mean for the quality of your relationships with women?

I know this may seem far-fetched to some of you. But here's the sad reality: as men, most of us don't know how to relate to women. Mostly, it's because our fathers never taught us how to do this. This is a problem for almost all men today. They are simply not initiated into manhood. There are no Rites of Passage. The transition between the Hero Archetype and the Warrior Archetype is never made. Here's a book which tells you all about this: Warrior Magician Lover King.  It's a book about male archetypes, the archetypes of king, warrior, magician and lover.

Our fathers never showed us how to be the powerful, natural man that women want, the man who makes a woman feel safe, protected, and appreciated - the man who can bring out a woman's deepest feminine side (and that means the sexual "Goddess" in them!). The bottom line is this: your essential masculine self, your real masculinity, is designed to complement a woman's femininity in some very specific ways - and then a beautiful sexual and emotional relationship will unfold....just because of your male presence.

For generations, young men were initiated into the ways of manhood by older men, who showed them, in secret rituals and processes, how to end their emotional orientation to women as "mother" and become independent, strong men with an appreciation of adult women as partners in a sexual relationship.

But when did that ever happen to any of us? We (I definitely include myself in this) were taught to please women, to be good boys, or - even worse - we were taught to shut off our masculinity (often because a young boy's male energy frightens his mother, especially when there isn't a man around to "make it safe").

What an irony. The thing that makes a woman "tingle" most is the sight and sound, the touch, the presence, of a "real" man. And most likely that's not the man she was raising her son to be.....

No, because turning a boy into a man is a man's job. And, godammit, few men even know that fact, let alone know how to do it.  Do you think your father knew how to initiate you into the ways of true manhood?  No, of course not.

Result: we grow up wimping out around women, trying to please them, never feeling fully masculine (or, worse, we spend our lives trying to heal their emotional wounds), putting up with nagging, lacking the courage to say what we truly think for fear of upsetting them, just not knowing what to say or do with women.....and giving ourselves away in a million and one ways every day.

Or, in the worst case of all, we never even approach them because we have no sense of who or what women are, and little sense of who we are as men.

Now, I'm giving you a warning: this is not a rehearsal. This is your fucking life, man! So when are you going to take control of it - and get the woman you want in the relationship you want?

You know something? That decision does not have to be a struggle. You can decide right now to change things. In this instant, you can accept RIGHT NOW that the way you've been living your life around women has to change and that you WILL change it! After all, making that kind of powerful decision is how a man forges his destiny - and that of the world around him.

I invite you to make that decision right now if you haven't already. After all, what could be better than being in complete control of your own life and sexual destiny? The simple truth: if you really want things to be different, they can be - and they will be. Very soon.

Because, believe it or not, there are men around who know what it means to be a man and how to win a woman. Mostly, these men rediscovered this knowledge through trial and error, learning the hard way over a long period of time. But unlike the old days, where the secrets of male initiation were kept to the elders, this knowledge is available to all the men who want to change.....

...and what they have to share with you is going to rock your world to the very foundations, and change absolutely how you see yourself.  This information will show you how to be a man at the very core of your being. After all, you have male genes, male chromosomes, a male brain and a male mind, and above all you have the power of your balls and your cock. Think about that glorious masculinity for a moment. It's yours. Do you want to live it?

Your masculinity is lying dormant inside you, like a sleeping giant, waiting for you to rediscover and bring out its power! And that, brother, is no exaggeration. I can tell you, whatever your life looks like right now, you don't even know a fraction of your own strength yet. I know, because I've been down this whole journey before you.

So. This knowledge, this information, will show you how to embody ways of thinking, feeling and acting that produce a sense of total self-confidence when you are picking up, dating or meeting women. It will give you a real sense of masculine presence when you are in a relationship. It will infuse every fibre of your being with a supreme sense of being grounded in your masculinity - no matter what a woman may do to test you.

(Yes, a woman tests a man repeatedly until she is sure he's solid in his masculinity. Only then will she open herself fully - sexually and emotionally - to him. That's not a conscious process - it's just what happens between men and women, and if you don't know how to deal with it, the predictable result will be nagging, arguments, bad feeling and resentment, followed by a lame apology - even when you didn't even do anything "wrong" - making up, and the whole cycle starting again - with probably a lingering sense of shame on your part).

At this point I don't want you to despair. There is a lot to learn about being a man in today's society. But the truly astounding thing is that you can absorb this knowledge easily, and from the moment you start to do so, you'll see your life begin to change. You'll hear people talk to you differently - women in particular - with a new kind of respect that may shock you. At least for a while.

After that, you'll come to accept that you really are acting around women very differently. That you're behaving in a way that somehow, almost mysteriously, gets their deepest attention and, as I said before, respect. Like a man, in fact. And then you know you aren't a boy or an adolescent, psychologically and perhaps emotionally, any longer. 

The men who can show you this are not Gurus, cult leaders or even especially charismatic individuals.  In fact, they're ordinary guys - just like you. They just happen to know certain things that no-one ever showed you.

Think of it as reprogramming how you relate to yourself, the world, and women. But in a safe way - simple, effective, powerful ways of just doing things differently, of thinking about yourself differently, and of relating to women differently. If you think of the Dating Game as a psychological "Inner Game" - by which I mean a game like a tennis match rather than a dubious game of one-upmanship - then you can reframe your expected outcome so that you always win.....the "Inner Game Reframe", it's called.

And actually, it's win-win, since both partners get what they deeply wish for: a relationship with a real woman or a real man, based on respect, equality and strength.

The Inner Game Reframe, along with absolutely everything else you need to know to transform your life in the ways we've been talking about, is included in a program by Brian Bayer called the Authentic Man Program. It's the best, the most respected, the most effective and the most powerful such program available today.

One of the most impactful things anyone ever said to me was: "Stop being a loser in the game of life, and be a winner instead. It's your choice. It's always a choice."  Up to that point I hadn't even thought of myself as a loser, and I certainly hadn't seen the need to reframe my thoughts. Wow! What a difference it made. I was in my first real relationship inside a few weeks, and I've never looked back since....and I'm not going to boast about this, because the fact is this is how my life should always have been....

So now. Are you ready to find out more? You made a decision some time ago to change things. It's time to stop thinking and to take action. Every change starts with one small action.... so click here to find out all about the Authentic Man Program, or read on to see and hear what other men have experience