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Relationships are a challenging and difficult area for every couple, because so many of the factors that make a relationship succeed or fail are unconscious, out of awareness, not known, and therefore can impact in an unexpected way at the least provocation.

woman in happy relationshipThese unconscious factors that can interfere with a successful relationship are what Carl Jung called “shadow” — shadow being the unconscious part of ourselves that we have hidden, repressed or denied, and which still impacts on our behaviour and feelings — particularly in relationships.

Now the idea that hidden parts of yourself can impact on your relationship may seem strange. But think of how many times you’ve suddenly exploded into anger, or fear, or guilt or some other powerful emotion just because your partner said something that produced an unexpected response in you.

This is a perfect example of how powerful emotions in the unconscious can affect current behaviour, and is probably no exaggeration to say that these shadow emotions are mostly responsible for the breakup of boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, and partners of all other kinds.

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The tragedy is of course that we hold our unconscious shadows in the unconscious and therefore we very rarely get to see them, and even more rarely do we have a chance to work on them.

You could therefore say that one good thing that can come out of a relationship breakup is the fact that it gives you insight into your deeper emotional issues, and perhaps also a chance to heal them.

It’s an unexpected perspective — regarding a breakup with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend as a good thing, and perhaps something even quite therapeutic, but it’s a very positive way of looking at the situation, and one which can reframe what seems like an emotional disaster — and perhaps even the “end of your meaningful life” — into something more positive and constructive.

After all, you can take the emotional healing which comes from repairing a relationship breakup into the future, and use it to establish a better and perhaps more constructive way of life, either with the same partner or with a different one, depending on whether or not you choose to find reconciliation or move on.

And here we are, right at the heart of the matter — how exactly do you reconcile with your ex-boyfriend, or get back together with your ex-girlfriend, particularly if the breakup has been a bitter one?

Text Your Ex Back can really help!

You see, Text Your Ex Back is a program written by Mike Fiore specifically designed for men and women who have ended a relationship with their partner, or who have been “dumped by their partner”. He says, whether you are the dumper or the dumpee, it’s possible to get back together with your ex partner by using a few simple psychological strategies. You can read all about this at – where the program is described in details.

woman in happy relationshipNow of course, text your ex back is all about getting back together with an ex girlfriend or an ex-boyfriend  who you really think you should never have broken up with. It’s not about getting back together with somebody because your ego tells you that that’s going to make you feel better!

No, it’s about getting back together with someone because you genuinely believe that there is the possibility of establishing a new relationship that’s far better than the old one.

Now one of the things that can make this a lot easier for you is maintaining an emotional distance for a period of time before you actually start asking questions of your partner — that is to say, questions about their willingness to re-establish a relationship with you.

Is this what you want? A relationship make-up, not a break-up?

When you do ask these questions, the rather surprising thing, perhaps, is that you are going to ask these questions by means of an e-mail or SMS message.

You may wonder why text messaging is a good way to re-establish a relationship, or at least to try and re-establish a relationship, because we’re mostly brought up to think that the only answer to emotional difficulties or emotional conflict is to sit down and talk about it.

The answer that seems to be a simple one: when you’re in an emotional situation such as the aftermath of a relationship breakup, it’s far easier to establish good communication in a neutral medium.

And there’s hardly anything more neutral than SMS messages — which can convey just exactly whatever you want them to convey; that could be information about emotional feelings, or it could be a statement of your simple, straightforward desire to re-establish contact, or it could be questions about how your partner, or more accurately, soon to be ex-ex-partner, is doing.

Whatever you use the medium for, you’ll enter find that if you follow Mike Fiore’s instructions, it is a  remarkably effective and powerful way of introducing your partner to the idea of reconciliation.

The great advantage of Text Your Ex Back is that it provides you with detailed instructions about what to say, how to say it, and when to say it, using text messages alone.

Text Your Ex Back seems like a great way to repair a relationship after a breakup

Not an unreasonable question, because few people would imagine that one way to get your ex girlfriend back would be to use a system of text messaging via SMS messages on a mobile phone.

Yet this is the proposition put forward in Mike Fiore's Internet Program, Text Your Ex Back.

The basic idea is that you can use his advice about texting (which comes as a downloadable program which consists of e-book, MP3s, videos and more), to establish successful relationships with partner with whom you have recently broken up. For me, it does seem to work - at least as measured by the fact there is very little negativity about it on the Internet, and that's unusual for a program of this kind. Usually, Internet programs which are controversial or disreputable have whole websites devoted to them about the charlatanism of the producer, and so on and so forth.

However, back to Text Your Ex Back.

Can Text Your Ex Back Really Repair Your Relationship?

Well,  the answer is yes it can, and that's very clear. You see, it's based on sound psychological principles, that is to say the principles of counseling which would be used if a couple had broken up and went to see an expert relationship counselor face-to-face.

These principles are more or less as follows: removing emotion from the situation, dealing with the basic emotional issues that caused the relationship to breakup in the first place, and then ensuring that communication is clean and clear, without victimization, blame, guilt, shame or any other quality which will not allow people to speak from an open hearted place.

Some people have suggested that using text messages to repair a relationship, or at least using them to re-ignite the interest of an ex-partner, is manipulative. I'm going to offer you the suggestion that almost anything that people do in a relationship that isn't based on open and honest communication is manipulative.

Surely it is the very fact that people are using straightforward communication devoid of emotional overtones and overlays that makes Text Your Ex Back a rather more ethical and moral system which could very possibly act as a model for communication in other arenas? I'm thinking particularly of e-mail, for example.

But I suppose at the end of the day what really matters is whether you can use it to repair your relationship.

You see, Text Your Ex Back does offer a complete information package for people who want to establish neutral and clean communication with their partner, specifically in a relationship where they have got their ex boyfriend back (or their ex girlfiernd). And Mike Fiore has provided complete and comprehensive instructions on the kind of messages that you need to send at every stage of developing a mature relationship. (Although, it has to be said, some of his other works like Text Your Wife into Bed or Text the Romance Back are probably more appropriate for a mature ongoing relationship than Text Your Ex Back.)

However let's not be small-minded about this. Anything which promotes good relationships and healthy communication is a very good thing in my book. Certainly Text Your Ex Back is one of those wonderful programs you can find from time to time on the Internet which actually look like they could both be good value for money, as well as useful and effective.

I am a fan, and the reason I'm such a fan is because I've spent a long time trying to work with people whose relationships have been in tatters, and who were unwilling to adopt any kind of mediation, or indeed adopt any kind of decent and open communication with their (ex) partners.

The truth of the matter is that open and honest communication takes considerable emotional maturity, and perhaps in the early stages of rebuilding a relationship you're not likely to be in place to offer either of those qualities to your ex partner.

So, to get back together with them, you probably do need a neutral form of communication which offers much less opportunity for misunderstanding and miscommunication. In that way, you can actually say what you really think, and you can genuinely offer an open-hearted approach to an ex-partner.

All in all,  I think Text Your Ex Back has a lot to commend it, and I have recommended it to quite a few of my friends with apparently successful results. Of course there's only one way to really find out whether it works and that is to actually check it out yourself.

Text Your Ex Back is a relationship repair system which is going to work for a certain number of people; it's certainly not going to work for everybody. Here's a video which tells you a little bit more about it.