Collection: Compression Machines & Massagers

By applying pressure to specific areas of your body, compression sleeves may contribute to increased blood flow, more efficient muscle recovery, reduced risk of injury, prevention of swelling and inflammation, and more.

Experience Ultimate Comfort with Lifepro Compression Massagers

When you’re seeking out comfort and support, a warm hug is usually the best remedy. You can think of Lifepro’s compression machines like a specialized hug—a compression massager that delivers soothing pressure exactly where you need it, when you need it, so you can feel relief with a simple press of a button. No matter the compression device, our products are made to reduce pain in your lower limbs.

Discover Lifepro's Compression Therapy Machine Collection

Our collection of compression therapy machines includes a variety of products and parts to help you bounce back from stress, injury, overuse, and fatigue to get you feeling back in shape. If you have recently undergone an operation, our products can be great for providing much-needed relief post-surgery. Compression offers all kinds of benefits, from reduced swelling and improved circulation to relief from discomfort and even the prevention of blood clots. A Lifepro air compression massager is an essential tool in any health-conscious home.

Circulation Massagers: Revolutionizing Mobility and Recovery

For those with reduced mobility or circulation issues, a compression machine can be paradigm-shifting. Compression leads to increased oxygenation and decreased build-up of metabolic waste (like lactic acid), effects that can translate into palpable relief. Manage the symptoms of a chronic condition with help from a circulation massager or use your Lifepro machine to recover from long periods of inactivity due to work or injury. You can even incorporate it into a post-workout routine and utilize the benefits of compression to increase your resilience and strength.

Choose from a Range of High-Quality Lifepro Wellness Products

When you shop for wellness products with Lifepro, you have your pick of high-quality favorites outfitted with a range of features. Enhance your compression with soothing heat and select one of our massagers that delivers relief in that just-right (and sometimes hard-to-reach) place. No matter what your unique wellness needs may be, we’re ready to help you tackle them with the ideal mixture of expertise, practicality, design, and price point.